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Workshops, Weekend Seminars & Public Speaking

There are many ways to get into coaching and up your game—in life and business. If you want to dip your toe in the pool, head to a presentation where you’ll catch me sharing some salient points about to keep your focus on north. For the more adventurous who are ready to just dive in, a workshop or intensive weekend seminar could be a better choice.

You cannot attend one of these events and not come away with anything but a new perspective. I will keep you attentive.
Areas of expertise include physical fitness and athleticism, mindset and attitude, goal setting and focus, and perspective and paradox. In each of these four categories, we go into specific detail about how to gain power and move forward to achieve the happiness and success you deserve.


Workshops & Weekend SeminarsWorkshops are intensive gatherings of 3 to 25 individuals that take advantage of shared experience and focus on a variety of topics. They are anywhere from two hours to a full day in length.

Some of the workshops are general for open audiences, some are focused on specific topics around the areas of communications and sales, while still others are tailored around specific content germane to a company’s or group’s proprietary mission. Most workshops draw on our core competency areas, including physical fitness and athleticism, mindset and attitude, goal setting and focus, and perspective and paradox. 

Are you looking for an in-depth approach to a specific issue that’s stopping you from moving forward or has the potential to create a paradigm shift in your company’s culture? Then a workshop could be the solution you need.

Weekend Seminars

Weekend seminars are designed to create the maximum behavioral impact in the shortest period of time. Offered once a quarter, the weekend seminar is hosted at a boutique hotel where all the participants meet, socialize, and reflect on core issues of behavior, business, and life, such as:

  • eliminating self-defeating behavior
  • maximizing self-control and institutional control
  • cultivating greater internal freedom
  • improving focus and effectiveness
  • inner peace

Workshops are designed to help you learn how to succeed despite past or current challenges and remain present and at peace. Rather than creating an emotional rollercoaster that goes to the very core of when and where these issues began, workshops instead focus on state-of-the-art concepts and experiences that are highly practical and useful. 

There are basically two types of weekend events: Open to the public at large or centered around specific key points and goals that a company or organization wants its people to embrace.

You cannot attend one of these events and not come away with anything but a new perspective—unless you sleep the whole time. I will make a point of keeping you attentive. Outside experts in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), communications, and personal performance hypnosis are invited in to present to add extra value to the experience.
Coached Workshops & Weekend Seminars

Public Speaker

When you have something in which you’re an expert, you get energized by sharing it with others. That’s how I feel about empowering business professionals and leaders, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge through public speaking. Presentations can be tailored according to your audience, mission, and time period. Contact me to discuss your objectives and to receive a proposal.

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