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Chris Comus, Grand Canyon Technology

Larry La Prade is my coach. In the recent upheaval in my life, he’s been a stabilizing factor. He’s helped my cope with the changes and adapt to my new circumstances. He is a genius. Instead of using a set-in-stone standard coaching approach, he’s been able to ascertain that my life – what drives me – is different from most. In my case, my business and my fix-it personality both thrive on chaos. He’s helped me to rein-in that chaos and organize it just enough to give me clear direction in the areas I am able to organize, while leaving me the freedom to grow in a business and with a personality that would leave most coaches scratching their heads.

I am told he does exceptionally well with more traditional businesses and personalities (I’ve heard testimonial after testimonial from others I admire and trust).

Getting him on my team has been one of the best decisions of my life. He’s part of why I’ve been able to maintain my business and cope with the other more personal changes.

If your life has become stagnant or is in a backslide, you should give him a call and ask him what he thinks he can do for you.