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Brent McDonald, Senior Mortgage Banker

By most peoples standards I have a very blessed and rich life filed with love. I also lead a successful career as one of the top performers in my industry.

One day I was reading a golf magazine and it occurred to me that the best golfers (Tiger, Phil, etc.) all have coaches. I started wondering what was possible for me with some accountability, some encouragement, some… COACHING.

My search began. I spent a good chunk of money with a couple different people who called themselves GURUs. Most of these guys coached via telephone and the more I got to know them, the less impressed I found myself with their “expertise.” I hadn’t worked with a coach for a few years, but was still looking for the “right one.” About that time I meet Coach Larry who was very different than any other coach I had worked with previously.

Coach Larry is the real deal. He has enjoyed great success in real estate development, raised a incredible family and grown gray and wise through his many years of life experiences. I admire Coach Larry and want you to know that he is one of the most influential people in my life. This is not a statement I make casually. I’ve made tremendous progress with his mentorship. He has helped me be a better daddy, a better husband, improve my physical health and increase my income. He has helped me navigate challenges and achieve great success over the past year.