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Ashley Mullins, Twice Loved Vintage

Before I met Larry, life was good….but now, life is GREAT. I have told people time and time again that I view life differently now and see things in a way that I never have before. It’s hard to fathom unless you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. Larry helped me realize that life is just a story. Chapter after chapter and that sometimes you just need to live it out the way it is supposed to happen. He also taught me that if I am not happy about something to do something about it. I think many of us spend time worry about things we cannot fix instead of focusing on things we CAN fix or make better for ourselves. He helped me achieve big goals by putting together smaller ones that lead up to the big one and make it a more manageable experience and process.

I loved the way he was very open and honest with me, yet he never judged or criticized me for any thoughts, ideas, or behavior. He was a pleasure to work with and something that I looked forward to each week. He is someone that I can laugh with, cry with, ponder with, explore with, and sympathize with. He is a very interesting man that I consider not only a coach, but a friend, and someone that I will stay in contact with forever, whether I’m a client or not. He is someone that I give thanks to for helping me get to the stage of life I’m in, someone I can attribute to my career success and someone that I can thank for personal development as well.

I would recommend Larry to others when you are looking to get more out of life, if you are looking to better yourself in a deeper way, if you have life goals that you are having trouble achieving on your own, and/or if you are looking for the next phase of your career.