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Our Approach: Living Your Creed

Motivation Goals & Workshop CoachThe people we remember most in our lives are the ones who supported us without telling us what to do, guided us without pointing the way, and motivated us without holding our hands for too long. That’s what a great coach does, and that’s what you can expect from working with Larry LaPrade at Mind Nexus.

Our job is to be true. That involves being aware inside and out, being centered and present, and in order to live by design, accepting responsibility for creating our experience.

From the moment you begin coaching with Larry, you’ll become partners in achieving your goals. He keeps your objectives front and center, and he won’t let them go until you give permission to do so. Larry’s ultimate job is to keep your mind from getting hijacked by the distractions that bombard us on any given day. Rarely is any one of us focused on the present, and we then miss out on so many fulfilling experiences. Coaching is a way to train the mind to come back to the center, and Larry will provide you with guidance to start that process as well as tools to use on your own when you feel yourself veering away from your goals.

One of the first things you’ll do in your coaching sessions is to create a personal creed based on the lens through which you view the world. Each person’s experience is unique, so instead of giving you a cookie-cutter template, Larry helps you to unearth what your driving principles are and then guides you to develop your own creed. What he asks from you is honesty. If you’re honest with yourself and with each other, your path will stay true.

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Larry understands that, when we are honest with ourselves, we all know exactly what to do, and most of us are doing it — except when we aren’t. That’s when he’s able to step in and firmly yet gently put you back on track, whatever that track is. Like any good coach, Larry doesn’t jump to conclusions about what is best for you. He knows you have the answers. His job is to be there to provide a sounding board, active listening, and guidance.

Live Your Best—Live Your CreedGet Started! It’s Your Game, Your Business, Your Life.