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Differentiate Yourself through Leadership

Essentially, there are two different types of people in the world: leaders and followers. Often, though, leaders are not in roles traditionally attached to leadership. But who’s to say that the mechanic working on a fleet vehicle isn’t as much of a leader as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Each may possess similar leadership qualities and the ability to motivate, engage, and inspire others. How do you let your leadership come through, regardless of official title?

Listen First
There’s a lot to be said about listening. There’s a saying you’ve probably heard: You have two ears and one mouth; use them proportionately. Good leaders don’t just tell people what to do. They listen to teams and determine what others want so they can create solutions that work for as many people as possible. They’re available when others have challenges, either as an empathetic ear or as a helpful solutions provider. Leadership begins with the ability to listen.

Play to Others’ Strengths
If you’ve listened to team members, you know what charges them up, where they shine, and what they’d just rather not be doing. Knowing where others excel will make it easier to delegate tasks and keep things running smoothly. Great leaders know that it takes all kinds of people to create a positive work environment. Although a bunch or partiers might be fun, the truth is that you need those detail-oriented folks, as well as big thinkers, to create a dynamic team.

Be Transparent
The best leaders are honest and a little vulnerable. We tend to trust people more when they’re open with us, and even more so when we know they’re telling us as it is. When leaders make mistakes, the fact that they can admit them, apologize, and move on makes a world of difference to those on the team. A transparent leader also has an open-door policy and readily gives and accepts feedback.

Remember That You’re “All In”
It’s important to remember that leaders give 100% — 99% of the time (we have to allow for a little down time!). Whether working on the line or sitting in the boardroom, leaders create an aura around themselves that emanates, energizing those around them. Many leaders don’t have a plan B because they are so determined to make plan A work! Their passion for success is pervasive, and if you consider yourself a leader, yours should be too!

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