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One of the first things I noticed when I started coaching people for peak performance was how hard we are on ourselves. I am not talking about a simple “that was stupid” every once in awhile but a consistent pattern of self-condemnation and negative self-talk. It can be brutal.

I first thought the propensity to negate our self through self-condemnation was an occasional thing, but I have come to learn it is ubiquitous and affects almost all of us to some degree or another.

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In April of 2008 I did 1000 pushups in thirty minutes.  Now I don’t know what that means to you if anything at all, but I do know it was a project that got me thinking about myself.  Besides being told a multitude of things like, “I needed my head examined” or,” was going to hurt myself” and my favorite “Why”, I was able to organized myself in such a way as to succeed.

For the “why” questions I had no good answer…… nor even a bad one because I just didn’t think about it that much.  Sure I trained for it and for the most part was fascinated with the process but my motivation strategy was left unexplored….I just didn’t have a good answer.  If anything I was just curious if I could do it.

But that was almost a year ago and in that time I began to start thinking about my “pushups project” in some depth.  And that is all I did….I was sick of doing pushups and besides I hurt my shoulder in June, two months after doing the 1000.

That is an interesting story.  I am 59 years old and am from a large and wonderful family.  Between my children and nephews and nieces, there is ample opportunity to have fun and compete occasionally.

You know like who can do anything faster, longer, shorter, better, worst (gross contest) etc.  It can get pretty crazy.  I hurt myself by thinking it would be a good idea to work out with my nephews for a couple of weeks.  After four weeks of meeting them at Gym and doing some “real lifting “, was a heap of sore muscles’, pulls and stains.

I couldn’t do anything, had a partial separation of my right shoulder, my back was killing me and couldn’t do one pushup.  It was soon after that when someone suggested I should act my age.

Now that was good advice and was the catalyst for a cascade of thoughts about age, acting and just what was possible for me and in a large sense, just what was possible for anyone.

So what is possible?  With that thought in mind I looked up in the Guinness Book of World Records  what the world record was for pushups in one hour…..3416.  And being the mature person I am and having learned to act “my age”, decided to explore that record on my 60th birthday in January of 2010.

Anyway it is “JUSTAPUSHUP”.

I want to make this clear; this project is about exploring and not breaking records.  I have no idea if I can do this or for that matter if it is a good thing to do.  But I do know this, I am extremely curious about the journey, the exploration…asking myself the question, just “what is possible?” and asking it for my own account.

Exploring the dynamics of the process; the mechanics, physiology, state management, motivation strategies…all the elements that make up that one hour, taking on something way beyond my comfort zone, way beyond that pre-determined limit of common sense and breaking that down to something I can do.

So what does this have to do with the “the undisturbed life”?  Stay tuned.