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Transform What Is into What Can Be
  • Eliminate self-defeating behavior.
  • Maximize self-control and situational control.
  • Cultivate greater internal freedom, improving focus, effectiveness, inner peace and happiness.
  • Succeed, despite past problems or current challenges.
  • Remain present and at peace, regardless of specific challenges.

Coaches guide us. Great coaches inspire and motivate us to create our own momentum so we can move forward unimpeded and achieve our best.

Larry LaPrade is a great coach.

Many of us are doing exactly what we need to do in our lives — except when we’re not. It is at that disconnect when Larry steps in to help you build a strategy to get back on track.

You and your success are Larry’s job. And Larry works on and off of the field of your life. In addition to the time he spends with you, he spends even more time researching topics specific to your goals and developing strategies for your success.

Because Larry has a gift for being able to positively focus on individuals and is truly caring, you’ll benefit:

  • Mental and emotional self-mastery that elevates your performance to a higher level, creating a consistent winning advantage.
  • Nexus training — honing a mind/body edge to create a winning advantage.
  • Reduced stress, worry and fatigue while improving mood, energy, performance and quality of life.

Live by Design

Larry takes you through the steps from living by rote, habit and reaction to living by design — your design. He does that by walking with you, truly with you. Sometimes he exposes you to your weaknesses and strengths by exposing his own. That’s just one way Larry sheds a light on the solutions you already have within you. Solutions that merely needed some light and an action plan.

Because he takes a holistic approach to coaching — including business and career goals, personal goals, relationships, and fitness — Larry can be a nexus between what is and what can be. He ignites and helps you keep your passion burning while integrating the components of your life. This creates results.

Transform and be the person you are destined to be.

Call Larry at 602-644-1457 or him. He’ll be glad to meet you and, with no obligation on your part, determine if, by working together, you can accelerate your success.


Your game, your business, your life.

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When we identify and commit to our values in life, we begin to live by design—engaged, purposed, aware, joyful, and empowered. If that doesn’t improve our game, we’re just doing it wrong. We can fix that.”

~Larry LaPrade

Business Executive Group Training

Larry has an amazing way of connecting with people that truly transforms into a friendship as well as a lifelong mentor.

I was referred to Larry through my wife Ashley, and couldn’t have been happier with the results. I originally reached out with the objective of creating more consistently in my day-to-day thinking and approach both personally and professionally. At that time in my life, a lot of things were changing quickly, I was engaged to be married as well as moving up the corporate ladder. Larry’s perspective allowed me to step back from each situation and evaluate things as they were without getting caught up in anxiety that change often brings. His insight and techniques, much like athletes refer to, allow individuals to slow down the game and perform at your true potential.
By most peoples standards I have a very blessed and rich life filed with love. I also lead a successful career as one of the top performers in my industry.

One day I was reading a golf magazine and it occurred to me that the best golfers (Tiger, Phil, etc.) all have coaches. I started wondering what was possible for me with some accountability, some encouragement, some... COACHING.

My search began. I spent a good chunk of money with a couple different people who called themselves GURUs. Most of these guys coached via telephone and the more I got to know them, the less impressed I found myself with their "expertise." I hadn't worked with a coach for a few years, but was still looking for the "right one." About that time I meet Coach Larry who was very different than any other coach I had worked with previously.

Coach Larry is the real deal. He has enjoyed great success in real estate development, raised a incredible family and grown gray and wise through his many years of life experiences. I admire Coach Larry and want you to know that he is one of the most influential people in my life. This is not a statement I make casually. I've made tremendous progress with his mentorship. He has helped me be a better daddy, a better husband, improve my physical health and increase my income. He has helped me navigate challenges and achieve great success over the past year.

I have had the privilege of working with Larry for most of 2012. I recommend him highly for anyone that has real interest and intent to make themselves better through learning new ways to think.

Impressive is the only way to describe the techniques he uses to help you realize when you fall into traps caused by "stinkin' thinkin'."

The tools he armed me with constantly go through my mind to help me steer clear of the fog caused my misconceptions of thought.
Working with Larry has helped me to to develop more self-confidence in the work place. I now feel more empowered to take risks, express opinions, and gain an edge to make me more successful. The techniques he has given me are something I use every day to ensure I continue to build on my effectiveness and happiness. I enjoyed his straightforward style and his ability to guide and support to ensure you move forward with actions [but] without pressure.

I would absolutely recommend him to others because his techniques and approach have been invaluable to me and have helped keep me moving forward in the direction of my goals.
If you could get Mike Tyson to mate with Yoda they'd spawn something like Larry LaPrade; someone you'd want covering your back in a bar fight and a guy equally at home sharing a joke at a confluence of philosophers.

Taking on Larry as a coach has proved to be one of the smartest things I've ever done. You know how a teacher, a parent, or a friend can change the trajectory of your life in extraordinary and positive ways? That's what Larry does.

Besides creating more hours in my day, I've learned through Larry to make those days more aware, more alive, more present, and more engaged. And it's not all about me. It's about my relationships and the values I honor — Larry is a coach who is focused on values — they are what motivates and what rewards.

Friend, Budda, priest, coach, brother, annoying voice in the back of my head — Larry has helped me find the Mojo I hadn't realized I'd lost.
Larry is smart and attentive. He helped me a lot during our coaching practice sessions with pertinent and challenging questions. He would make me look at some of my beliefs in ways that would help me shift in a positive way. He is very professional and created a safe place for me to express myself in ways that I might not have been comfortable doing otherwise. I believe this is one of the most important skills to have to be good coach.

I highly recommend him!
Larry has coached me for years through numerous challenges with a style that is unique and challenging. Larry helped me redefine the words I embrace as critical to my success, words such as responsibility and accountability. He is also one of the funniest people I have every met, which can make all the difference when you're being hard on yourself. He has really opened my eyes, and freed me — for lack of a better term — from my mind. He has helped me understand and be aware of my brain, my conditioning, and myself.

Larry will not teach or lecture you, but help you to see and understand things that you may have never noticed both in yourself and others, and that new insight makes all the difference. He has unique style of coaching that makes you think deeply about your life and what you want to create.
Too often, when you hear that a person is a business coach, my Spidey Sense goes off and I wonder if they chose this path because they weren't successful elsewhere. Larry LaPrade shattered those preconceived notions.

Larry has a wealth of success and accomplishments in his career. He chose coaching because he wanted to share his vast depth of experience with business professionals and anyone else who can benefit from the firm, yet gentle, guidance he provides. In my work with Larry, I have seen myself through different lenses and begun to really turn up the volume on my own view of the world. By challenging me, Larry has helped me achieve the success I didn't really think possible.
Being coached by Larry is a way to challenge yourself to lift your game to another level. Larry comes to each call with a focus and intensity that is both encouraging and challenging. He is both thought provoking and motivating, promoting action and insight. There were times when I might feel my own energy lagging but a call with Larry would re-energize me. He helped me to get a clearer picture of what I want and what strengths I have as I pursue my goals.

Larry is so impressive to me because he truly knows coaching from the inside out. If there is an intervention or a technique Larry uses in the coaching session you can be sure that he has lived it first. He really lives coaching in his bones. And on top of it all he’s got a great sense of humor. After being coached by Larry I will never underestimate the value of a good belly laugh.
Larry La Prade is my coach. In the recent upheaval in my life, he's been a stabilizing factor. He's helped my cope with the changes and adapt to my new circumstances. He is a genius. Instead of using a set-in-stone standard coaching approach, he's been able to ascertain that my life - what drives me - is different from most. In my case, my business and my fix-it personality both thrive on chaos. He's helped me to rein-in that chaos and organize it just enough to give me clear direction in the areas I am able to organize, while leaving me the freedom to grow in a business and with a personality that would leave most coaches scratching their heads.

I am told he does exceptionally well with more traditional businesses and personalities (I've heard testimonial after testimonial from others I admire and trust).

Getting him on my team has been one of the best decisions of my life. He's part of why I've been able to maintain my business and cope with the other more personal changes.

If your life has become stagnant or is in a backslide, you should give him a call and ask him what he thinks he can do for you.
I have worked with Larry almost 2 years. Larry is an incredible coach and human being.

When Larry came into my life, I was not a very happy individual, I’d been through some rough experiences. Through working with Larry I have had many great achievements. He has helped me make the necessary changes in my life to get on track to be the person I really desire to become. He constantly helps me to stay on track and to set goals that I will achieve.

Working with Larry has been an enormous blessing in my life. I would recommend him to EVERYONE that wants to make changes in their life!
Before I met Larry, life was good….but now, life is GREAT. I have told people time and time again that I view life differently now and see things in a way that I never have before. It’s hard to fathom unless you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. Larry helped me realize that life is just a story. Chapter after chapter and that sometimes you just need to live it out the way it is supposed to happen. He also taught me that if I am not happy about something to do something about it. I think many of us spend time worry about things we cannot fix instead of focusing on things we CAN fix or make better for ourselves. He helped me achieve big goals by putting together smaller ones that lead up to the big one and make it a more manageable experience and process.

I loved the way he was very open and honest with me, yet he never judged or criticized me for any thoughts, ideas, or behavior. He was a pleasure to work with and something that I looked forward to each week. He is someone that I can laugh with, cry with, ponder with, explore with, and sympathize with. He is a very interesting man that I consider not only a coach, but a friend, and someone that I will stay in contact with forever, whether I’m a client or not. He is someone that I give thanks to for helping me get to the stage of life I’m in, someone I can attribute to my career success and someone that I can thank for personal development as well.

I would recommend Larry to others when you are looking to get more out of life, if you are looking to better yourself in a deeper way, if you have life goals that you are having trouble achieving on your own, and/or if you are looking for the next phase of your career.
I wholeheartedly recommend Larry for several reasons.
  • First of all, he’s dedicated to bringing out the best in himself and others.
  • Secondly, he holds himself to high standards so he can congruently hold that space for his clients to do the same. Because he has that for himself, it’s easy for him to enable others to achieve their highest expectations as well.
  • Also, he’s a life-long learner, constantly pushing himself to learn more. He’s curious about the world, and he brings that to his work. Along with that, he practices improvement in his learning, his health and his well-being.
  • Finally, Larry takes impeccable care of his physical health, emotional health and spiritual health. He’s attentive to that when he works with others and operates from that frame.
Because of his incredible ability to stay curious about the world, spending time with Larry is always a learning experience.
Coach Larry, in a very short time frame, has accomplished the following for me: saved my marriage, improved our family’s atmosphere and relationships with my children, made me physically and mentally stronger and, helped me increase my net income from $104,000 in 2011 to $207,000 in 2012. There is NO WAY this would have happened without his patient guidance, support and words of wisdom... and now, there is no limit!

If you are lacking in any of these areas, or feel you are just not getting all you want or desire out of yourself, I highly recommend that you speak with Larry. This man can, and will, change your life... if you let him!

Winning Coach

Work Smarter. Win More.

Sport Coach

Physical Fitness & Athleticism

The mind and body work together, often in perfect harmony, but sometimes not. Larry helps you to understand that human beings are truly evolved animals, and we need to know the influence our physical bodies have on our entire lives. Larry requests that all of his clients create a plan that includes some form of movement, giving you the leeway to determine how that looks for you.

Start Now

Full Potential Coaching

Mindset & Attitude

One of the major keys to doing what we should be doing is to be present in life and recognize the shifting nature of emotions and thoughts. When you are present and centered, you begin to live life to its full potential. So many things compete for our attention at every moment — both externally and internally. While those distractions won’t stop, when you’re aware of them and have the tools to get back on track quickly, you’ll find your focus will increase and you’ll reach your goals more quickly.

Get Off the Block

Goal Setting & Focus Coach

Goal Setting & Focus

If you don’t know where you want to go, there’s no way to know if you’ve arrived. And without mile markers, you can’t track your progress. One of the first things you’ll do in your work with Larry is to create your list of non-negotiables in your life: your personal creed. Next, you’ll create goals based on your values so you can be in alignment with what you really want. Throughout it all, Larry acts as a gatekeeper to help you stay on point.

Just Do It

Perspective Coach

Perspective & Paradox

Knowing where you are — and where you aren’t — is a big part of achieving your goals. By building a strategy to deal with those times when you’re out of balance, Larry will help you to see things through different lenses and step back to have clarity. When you have compassion for yourself and treat yourself with tenderness, you’ll be better able to share that kindness with others in your life and move forward with integrity. Maximize sales performance, sell more and earn more with less stress and effort, saving valuable time and energy!

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